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  • World day of consecrated life

    World day of consecrated life

    Following Jesus is not a decision made once and for all, it is a daily choice ...

    Pope Francis

  • A week of prayer for the unity of Christians

    A week of prayer for the unity of Christians

    They showed us unusual kindness. Acts 28-2



    Alleluia, Maria!
    life is renewed ...
    crying is singing too ..
    Jesus no longer dies!
    Alleluia, Maria!


  • The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

    The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

    All grace unites

    but unites the more 

    when the grace is enriched 

    by the bond of the union itself

    with the body and blood of Jesus 

    Maria Oliva Bonaldo

  • Birth in Heaven -  Mother Maria Oliva

    Birth in Heaven - Mother Maria Oliva

    I am old
    Very old, but
    I have a fresh dream
    That the Lord gave me

    Maria Oliva Bonaldo

  • II Sunday of Advent

    II Sunday of Advent

    A voice of one calling in the wilderness,

    Prepare the way for the Lord,

    make straight paths for him.

    Mk 1-3

  • III Sunday of Advent

    III Sunday of Advent

    He Himself was not the light;

    he came only as the witness to the Llight 

    Jn 1-8

  • IV Sunday of Advent

    IV Sunday of Advent

    I am the handmaid of the Lord 

    be it done unto me

    according to your Word

    Lk 1-38

  • Nativity of the Lord

    Nativity of the Lord

    The Word became flesh 

    and dwelt among us 

    Jn 1-14

  • The Epiphany of the Lord

    The Epiphany of the Lord

    When they saw the star,

    they were overjoyed...




  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    “We can invite the Holy Family to our home, where there are joys and worries, where we wake up every day, take food and sleep close to loved ones. The crib is a domestic Gospel "(Pope Francis)

    Best wishes from Sor Theresa Puraydathil, Superior General and Sisters of the Council

  • Advent 2019

    Advent 2019

    Come, Lord Jesus Come!!

  • Lent 2020

    Lent 2020

    Keep your eyes fixed on the outstretched arms of Christ crucified,

    let yourself be saved over and over again.

    And when you go to confess your sins,

    believe firmly in his mercy which frees you of your guilt.

    Pope Francis

  • Novena of Pentecost

    Novena of Pentecost

    It cannot be said that the novena of Pentecost

    is only a personal devotion

    because our Lord Jesus Christ instituted it.

  • Solemnity of Christ the King

    Solemnity of Christ the King

    For you the whole earth is one kingdom,
    home of Saints and Angels conference;
    for you everything is harmony, light, beauty,
    perennial song of happiness.
    Mother María Oliva

  • I Sunday of Advent

    I Sunday of Advent

    Keep awake for you do not know when the master of the house will come.
    Mk 13,35

  • Novena of Immaculate

    Novena of Immaculate

    Mary appears
    at the beginning of the story
    as at the beginning
    of his life:
    Immaculate that
    Crushes Evil
    by virtue of his Son.
    M. Maria Oliva

  • Missionary month

    Missionary month

    Together with young people, let us bring the Gospel to all

  • Three mysteries mark this holy day:

    Three mysteries mark this holy day:

    today the star leads the Magi to the infant Christ; today water is changed into wine for the wedding feast; today Christ wills to be baptized by John in the river Jordan to bring us salvation.

  • Unity of Christians

    Unity of Christians

    Magdalene, Servant of God, asked Mother M. Oliva: "Mother, will allow me to offer my life to Jesus and  for the unity of the Church?"

  • "Lent

     It is a sacramental sign of this conversion. It invites Christians to embody the paschal mystery more deeply and concretely in their personal, family and social lives, above all by fasting, prayer and almsgiving". (pope Francis)

  • Season of Lent 2019

    Season of Lent 2019

    May our Lent this year be a journey along that same path, bringing the hope of Christ also to creation, so that it may be “set free from its bondage to decay and obtain the glorious liberty of the children of God” (Rom 8:21). Let us not allow this season of grace to pass in vain! Let us ask God to help us set out on a path of true conversion.   Pope Francis

  • Our spirit today

    Our spirit today

    is that of yesterday, that of the Church which is sacramental communion, fraternal, Easter. "M.O.B.

  • Feast of our Religious family: Annunciation

    Feast of our Religious family: Annunciation

    The yes of the morning is the actual resumption

    of divine life after the overnight numbness.

    The yes of the midday is a sigh.

    The yes of the evening is an act of abandonment.

    M.O. Bonaldo, Let’s breath Mary

  • The Feast of the Founder

    The Feast of the Founder

      Let it be splendid how the Church thinks it and wants it.

            (Maria Oliva Bonaldo)

  • Daily life

    Daily life

    The Father’s love

    Embraces us all in Jesus

    From sunrise to sunset.

    Maria Oliva Bonaldo

  • Holy week

    Holy week

    Suffering for love is the maximum.

    Jesus said so,  and Jesus showed it

    (M. O. Bonaldo)

  • Ascension


    Jesus ascends to heaven mysteriously:

    from there He will send His Spirit,

    He will gift us His humanness and his Heart.

  • Pentecost


    Let us prepare ourselves with all the love

    our poor and little hearts are capable

    to celebrate the Infinite Love

    (M.O. Bonaldo)

  • From the Liturgy

    From the Liturgy

    O Father, the only source of all holiness, admirable in all your saints, let us too reach the fullness of Your Love, to pass from this Eucharistic table, which sustains us on the earthly pilgrimage, to the festive banquet of heaven.