Easter message of Superior General 2024

Easter message of Superior General 2024

Sat, 30 Mar 24 Daughters of the Church Charismatic Family Life of the Institute

Holy Easter 2024

Dearest Sisters, dear Sons of the Church and friends all over the Web,

let us all welcome together the great Easter proclamation:

Alleluia! I am risen, I am always with you.

Alleluia! Alleluia! It is the Easter of the Lord!

Yes, Christ is truly risen and we are witnesses of this. That is why we cry it out to the world, so that the light, joy and peace, which envelop this mystery of love, may reach so many other hearts, bringing in them the hope that does not disappoint. Despite what we are accustomed to hearing and seeing from the mass media and social media that increasingly portray to us humanity in the depth of desolation and suffering, the last word is with Him, the Risen One who continues to reassure us by saying, Do not be afraid!... Do not look among the dead for Him who is alive!

Here then arises spontaneously the mutual wish for this new Easter: the joyful, constant and confident search for the Lord, as the Way-Truth and Life, in our Communities, Parishes, Fraternities and families so that we may all live deeply the Baptism received as a gift.