zoom meeting for Parents and family

zoom meeting for Parents and family

Thu, 16 Feb 23 Charismatic Family

Report of the the meeting for the family memebers of the sisters of the Daughters of the Chuch from Kerala in Indian delegation

We raise our hearts  in gratitude to the Lord for having allowed us (the parents and relatives of our sisters of indian delegation) to come together to attend the class on the role of the family in the faith formation of the people.

Thanks to the Delegation team who organized the program and thanks to all the sisters who willingly co-operated with it with the participation of you dear ones.

On 12th evening from 6.30 to 7.30 pm the program was realized. The resource person was Mr. Tomichan Pullenkavinkal, the brother of our dear Sr. Liza.

The talk was around the role of families in the faith formation of the people. Jesus is , Emmanuel_ God with us . Our God is the one who is always walking with us, only we need to become aware of His presence with us. Our response to to his presence is our faith.

Quoting Pope Francis Mr. Tomichan said that the sisters should be cheerful, not only sisters but their family members too. Every one should have a smile on our face. We are not only witnessing the Maunty Thrusday and Good Friday, but the joy of Easter too. When we die with Chirst we will be able to partake in His Resurrection too.

We need not preach the Gospel unless somebody asked. Preaching the Gospel is not by words but by our joyfull way of living. Our joyfull way of living makes people to ask the reason behind our joy and happiness, the response to their question becomes the joyful proclamation of the Gospel.