Canonical visit of Mother Therese, Mother General

Canonical visit of Mother Therese, Mother General

Thu, 29 Feb 24 Daughters of the Church Delegations Life of the Institute

In a profoundly spiritual journey marked by faith-deepening encounters and a renewed focus on the charism, the canonical visit of Mother Therese Mother General and her councilor Sr. Flomy to the Indian Delegation has left an indelible mark on the hearts of all.
From the moment Mother General and her esteemed councilor set foot in the Indian Delegation, there was an unmistakable aura of reverence and anticipation. Their presence was not merely administrative but carried a sacred weight, igniting a sense of spiritual awakening among the members of the community. It was as though a divine light had descended upon us, guiding our steps and illuminating our souls.

The visit was meticulously planned, yet it was the moments of spontaneity and genuine connection that truly defined its essence. As Mother General and her councilor engaged
with the members of the Indian Delegation, their words resonated with a profound wisdom born out of devotion and experience. Every interaction, whether in formal meetings or
casual conversations, became an opportunity for spiritual growth and renewal of our Charism.

Central to the visit was the emphasis on the charism that binds the community together. Through reflective sessions, prayerful gatherings, and shared experiences, Mother General
and her councilor led the members of the Indian Delegation on a journey of rediscovery, inviting us to delve deeper into the roots of our calling. It was a time of introspection and
recommitment, as each individual was challenged to embrace the charism with renewed zeal and understanding.
Moreover, the visit served as a catalyst for unity and solidarity within the community.

Despite the diverse backgrounds and personalities, there was a palpable sense of cohesion and shared purpose that permeated every interaction.
As we carry forward the lessons learned and the graces received, may we continue to walk in the light of this extraordinary encounter, ever faithful to the call of our shared mission as
a Daughter of the Church in the Indian soil.

Sr. Gracy Joseph
Delegate Superior