Creator's Aid through Created Hands

Creator's Aid through Created Hands

Tue, 13 Feb 18 Communities Life of the Institute

It was on a Thursday morning near the crowded bus stop at the K R Market zone right opposite to Victoria hospital, in Bangalore, we found a destitute with full of dirt who indeed was in need of an immediate help. It was then that me Sr. Ancila Devadass and Sr. Nijo a Canossian sister, made all the possible efforts to place him where he could be safe. We were just passing by the same road and  took notice of him and went to have a dialogue with him. We then came to our understanding that he was out of his senses. There was no need for us then to wait than to rescue him. 

All of a sudden, all the efforts seemed to be a waste of time, as we were not getting any aid to shift him to the place where we wanted. But then later everything seemed to be going well. We called for the ambulance – 108 and it reached at the spot on time. At first, the Staff of the Ambulance were not so willing to take him, looking at the destitute with all his dirt, but later, seeing our effort and willingness to help the man, they collaborated with us. On our reaching at RVM Humanitarian hospital in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, the

people there, were expecting us as we had already given them the prior information about this Destitute. It took hardly any time to finish up the formalities over there to admit the person. As soon as the admission was over he was given a good shower because of which his look itself was changed exclusively. The man was happy with the changes of events that took place in his life. Thanks be to God for all His marvellous work!

(Colouring the Fallen Stars – A Team work undertaken by the Dream India Net work –Inter Congregational net work)