Sr Theresa member of UISG board!

Sr Theresa member of UISG board!

Wed, 11 May 22 Daughters of the Church Life of the Institute

Our Superior General was elected as a board member UISG 2022-2025!

What is UISG? The acronym stands for International Union of Superiors General - UISG offers the Superiors General a meeting point to find themselves in an ecclesiastical context. With members from around the world, we work to build bridges and the development of networks in order to create new strategies to enable women religious to communicate across geographical distances and language and cultural differences, so as to be in communion the with each other and build together a global community. We provide spaces and platforms for debate, so that our members can share experiences, exchange information, encourage and learn from each other as a congregational leader, in a broader social context and within the Church.

We accompany Sr. Theresa in this new service to the Church and thankyou for her Yes!

Click here to see the site of the UISG.

Photo by: @uisg