Wed, 22 Jun 22 Daughters of the Church Delegations Life of the Institute

Stella Matutina Community, Fatima, June 19-30

To foster fuller communion as a Religious Family, the Superior General, with the consent of her Council, convokes the Plenary Council, towards the middle of the six-year term of her mandate.

The Plenary Council has as its task:

  • - to make a verification of  the journey to continue carrying out the 2019-2025 Institute Project.
  • - to inform about the reality of the different nations in which the Institute is present;
  • -to discuss on particular issues established by the Superior General with the consent of her Council, based on the guidelines of the last General Chapter and the needs of the Institute.;
  • - to suggest means to increase the spiritual life and apostolic activities.

These days have been enriched in fraternally sharing the works that the Lord continues to carry out in our apostolates, motivated by our motto: in the heart of the Church, in the footsteps of Maria Oliva, with the richness of our diversity, to tell everyone that God exists and he is love.