Dialogue & Solidarity

Dialogue & Solidarity

Fri, 02 Dec 22 Solidarity

The Seminar on “DIALOGUE & SOLIDARITY, A Religio- Subaltern Perspective”, organized by  Dharmaram VidyaKshtram, which is an ecclesiastical institution of higher learning established by the Syrian Catholic congregation of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) in Bangalore- India. It was for four days. The participants were priest, Buddhist monks, religious, and laity from different religion.

Presidential message was given by Msgr Dr Indunil J Kodithuwakku K, Secretary to the Dicastery for Inter-religious Dialogue, Vatican. He spoke of the initiatives and positive stand of the Catholic Church high lightening the constant dialogue Pope Francis with the other religions.

We know that the dialogue begins from the acknowledgment that truth is always shared. There are a variety of possible attitudes one can hold towards other religions. These each deal with two things – where one can find divine revelation and whether or not one can find salvation outside of Christianity. Divine revelation is split into two categories: cosmic and historical. Cosmic revelation is the revelation that can be found hidden in the world around oneself, such as in the beauty of snow. Historical revelation is when God made himself present in history, such as when Christ came or when the Scriptures were inspired and written.

All these days were truly filled with information’s from eminent leaders of Interreligious dialogue.

The scholars dealt with various themes such as:

Inter religious dialogue: Legacy and Reality,

Engaging in Inter-religious Dialogue: Can the Past Inform the Present?, Archbishop Dr Felix Anthony Machado, Archbishop of Vasai, Member of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue.

Inter-religious Dialogue: Philosophical Perspectives,

Catholic Church and Inter-religious Dialogue: Pre- and Post-Vatican Paradigms,

Peace and Harmony through Inter-religious Dialogue,

Inter-religious Dialogue in Indian Context: Plural Perspectives,

Inter-religious Dialogue: Legacy and Reality,


Inter-religious Dialogue and Identities: Engaging Religious, Personal, and Political Identities,

Women in Religion: Exploring Dimensions of Inter-religious Dialogue,

Religions and LGBTQ: Intra- and Inter-religious Dialogue,

Juridical and Political Impact of Laws and Policies on Religions in Contemporary India,

The Role of Inter-religious Dialogue in Confronting Racial and Caste Segregation ecc

The seminar was concluded by visiting the Religious Centers in Bangalore, such as: Hindu Ashram, Budhist Math and the Jain Temple ecc.

On the third day the seminar, Mons. Dr Indunil, paid visit to our community of the (Daughters of the Church) in Bangalore. It was a moment of great blessing and honor for us to have him for a short time. Our semi orphan children welcomed him with dance. He felt at ease with them, which shows his special attention for the poor and under privileged.

                                                                                    Srs Gracy Joseph  and Sr Shanty Emanuel.