Fly high on the wings of success

Fly high on the wings of success

Sat, 24 Feb 24 Activities

Farewell program of St. Jude School Umpher

The outgoing students of class X are accompanied by their juniors, teachers and the principal. The guests of the day were welcomed by pinning the flowers by their juniors. The programme started with the devotional prayer service conducted by Sr. Valsa the Headmistress of the school, thanking God for His love, strength, wisdom and courage bestowed on our students so that they fly high on the wings of success.

 "Life is a journey that has different paths, but any path you choose, use it as your destiny". Jesus says you are the light of the world.  Light symbolizes God and it dispels darkness. we began our prayer service with lamp lighting ceremony Bro.Shyju our principal, miss. Thirdy the class teacher of outgoing class ten, representative of the students lighted up the lamps. we surrendered our students into the loving hands of God our loving father and ask his choicest blessings upon them.

Rev.Bro Shyju blessed all the students by giving them the lighted candle which is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge of God. That they may dispel the darkness of this world. All the teachers on the stage, laid their hands on the outgoing students.

We concluded our prayer service with the song of praise that sung by our mother Mary. The present class ten girls took the rhythmic steps to the Magnificat as an expression of their gratitude towards all that they have been to them and to us all.


Followed by some entertaining cultural programme and experience sharing of the outgoing students. We ended our day with sumptuous meal prepared by our own teachers with love . Thanks be to God and one and all.