Italy: support for families

Italy: support for families

Wed, 25 Oct 17 Projects

Collapse. We certainly can not help everyone but we try to make ourselves concretely close to those who cross our path in various Italian cities. Our first service to the needs of the various operative realities in the territory (Diocesan Family Office, Caritas, diocesan Anti-usury Center etc.).

Sometimes there are situations to which existing structures can not respond to various reasons. Such situations may be within the perspectives of these organisms. For the benefit of all, if in these cases, it would be possible to.


Helping families close to us overcome to difficult time. The community will feel better and the Christian community feel close.

How to help us to help

Pouring a free contribution to the ccp of our missionary office with the causal support of families

ccp no.:31164031 - headed to: Suore Figlie della Chiesa – Missioni
IBAN code:  IT05 O 0760 1032 0000 0031164031