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Convinced that formation is one of the main ways to get out of the various forms of poverty, as Missionary Office we started in 2011, in the countries where we are present, a project "scholarships" to be allocated to young people who do not have the economic possibility to access to university studies. With this initiative, which corresponds in a special way to the desire of our religious family to collaborate in the formation of the laity in the Church, we want to support those who wish to prepare themselves to serve their country and / or the Christian community with dignity and competence. So far we have helped about one hundred young people. Of these, some have happily completed their journey, the majority are still on the way.


Offer an economic contribution to support tuition fees for pre-university, para-university and university studies.

The average cost of a scholarship is € 1000

If you want you can help us to help

Pouring a free contribution to the ccp of our missionary office with the motive: scholarships

ccp no.: 31164031 -made out to: Suore Figlie della Chiesa – Missioni
IBAN code: IT05 O 0760 1032 0000 0031164031