Living a Life of Consecration

Living a Life of Consecration

Mon, 30 Jan 23 Discernment

A day dedicated for the consecrated, elevates our hearts to be grateful to the God who called us. A few observations on the passage from the Gospel of Mark 3:13-19 where Jesus appoints the twelve Apostles. The scripture says – “He appointed them to be with Him, to preach, and to cast out demons”. Today every disciple of Christ is called to practice the very purpose of Call.

The first loving and aspiring demand of Jesus is to be with Him- Perhaps Jesus might have stayed away from his home very often, spent his nights at the sea shore, on the mountains, in someone’s house etc. however an Apostle of Christ is asked to stay with Him in His comforts and discomforts. Sometimes in the present scenario of life, following Christ may not be always comfortable, joyful, satisfactory but rather bearing, swallowing up, giving way…etc.

The second demand of Jesus is to preach Perhaps the Apostles might have preached what they had heard preaching by Jesus, but to do so they might have not only heard it, but listened to it and grasped it, so that they could preach to others. We the chosen ones are asked to love the scripture, to know better and to preach through our words and through our lives.

The third demand of Jesus is to cast out demons after the transfiguration of Jesus we come across a scenario wherein, the disciples were unable to cast out the demons and the reply of Jesus is very clear that the one who prays and the one who has faith only can cast out demons. Therefore, let us pray with faith for the ones who cannot accept evilness within them and ignore them.

                                                                                                                                  By  Sr. Venisha Maria