Following in the footsteps of Mother María Oliva

Following in the footsteps of Mother María Oliva

Mon, 20 Nov 23 Ecclesial Formation

With our hearts beating with excitement, on October 25, we began the historical tour of the different places in the life of Mother María Oliva Bonaldo that marked the beginning of our Congregation -Daughters of the Church.

One of our dreams was to visit these places; Thanks to God and the various communities that welcomed us and made us feel at home: Santa Maria- the mother house that introduced our journey, and Mater Christi, Maria Madre del Pane Della Vita, Sancta Dei Genitrix, Mater amabilis, Mater Salvatoris and Mater DIvinae Gratiae, we were able to fulfill this dream.

From Rome we arrived in Mestre, where Olga waited for us to welcome us with open arms; Afterwards the sisters took us to Castelfranco V, cradle of the inspiration of the charism to Mother Maria Oliva, then taking us to Treviso, where you can still see the sisters praying, poor and smiling. We continued to Castelnovo, pausing in San Alberto to visit Magdalena; Passing through Castelnovo we greeted our sisters who gave their lives for the Institute, for the construction of the Kingdom and who still continue to offer their sufferings for the salvation of souls.

In the sanctuary of Monte Berico (Vicenza), at the foot of the Virgin where our Most Holy Mother welcomed us with a big smile, we prayed for all the sisters. And, to end our trip, we have crossed the beautiful blue sea arriving at Ischia, place of Don Ciro Scotti, friend and confidant of our Foundress.

We also had the opportunity to visit other religious and tourist places that our sisters from each place took us to know: the cathedrals of the various places, museums, the Church of the Holy Crown, San Angelo and the Castle of Ischia, with a wonderful view from sea.

Being present in these places and today treasuring these beautiful memories in our hearts makes us more aware of God's great gift to Mother María Oliva; and that Olga, Magdalena and other holy sisters with their simplicity, sufferings, struggles, joys and placing themselves in the hands of God gave their lives to make the Church known, loved and witnessed. They are an example to follow for us.

Beena Peter DA and Clara E. Tejerina SJ