XVII Sunday in ordinary time

XVII Sunday in ordinary time

Fri, 24 Jul 20 Lectio Divina - Year A

The XVII Sunday of the Ordinary time

1st Re : 1Kings: 3:5,7-12    2nd Re : Rom:8:28-30   Gospel : Mt:13:44-52



The liturgy of XVII Sunday in ordinary time invites us to “Walk by faith, not by sight.”

The first reading and the gospel are drawing our attention to understand the plan of God for us. In the first reading, the Lord appears to King Solomon in a dream and we see the dialogue between God and Solomon. Do we analyze our dreams in our daily life? If we have faith we will listen to the direction of the Lord even in our dreams. There are many incidents we read in the Bible that the people who sought the Lord were following the direction of God through dreams for example Abraham the father of our faith, Jacob, Joseph, prophets, Kings, apostles and many saints etc.

We can compare the discerning spirit of Solomon with the person who found the treasure in the field and the man who went in search of the fine pearls. Only a person with a discerning spirit can choose the better path or the way of the Lord. (The normal human tendency is to run after the attractions of the world; power, positions, possessions.)


 victory over the enemy and long life as mentioned in the first reading v.3:11. Solomon asks here for the wisdom that is God himself. We may think that Solomon had everything ie power(king) position and possession but many kings had all these and yet they craved for the same in their life, we have read and heard in many events and stories, why even now every country looks for how to invade or encroach other country’s border and so on. People rarely desire for the heavenly things (values of the kingdom). The life by faith is possible only when one lives in the love of God and abides in his precepts. And Solomon himself is the example, when his heart deviated from God, he goes astray from the grace of God. This is the message in today’s second reading St. Paul’s letter to the Romans. In v.8:28b it is said that those who are called according to his purpose. Did not God create in his own image and likeness? How come that He discriminating one from the other by calling? No God has created and sent each one with a distinct plan and each one should realize that plan for which he or she is called. God loved the world so much says St. John he didn’t say God loved those who loved him or those he whom he wanted but every human being. So, God will judge and justify each one according to their life rewarding eternal glory with the Father.

In the account of St. Mathew we see the series of parables and Mathew says in 13:34 that Jesus told the crowds all things in parables; without parables, he told them nothing.

Why was Jesus using the parables to teach? We have heard people say “walk the word” “be the living gospel” and no teacher speaks taking himself as an example usually but people will understand the teacher and follow because he lives the word. Here Jesus himself was the aim of human life. He says “one who sees me sees the Father”, “one who accepts me accepts the one who sent me.” No one can come to the Father except through me.” etc. So Jesus cannot make the people accept him by revealing directly as of the context of the time, culture and mindset of Judaism. Moreover, we could see in the Gospel of Mathew, there weren’t any spectacular success in the mission of Jesus. The routine way of teaching and that was the mysteries of the kingdom. His life itself was depicting the kingdom so he uses parables to teach. As the treasure is hidden, fine pearls invisible, the yeast, mustard seed are insignificant so also the Kingdom of God and it’s mysteries invisible and insignificant. Attached to the parables there are parables at the end Mathew places in which Jesus reminds of the judgment at the end. In the parable of the sower, the seeds those fell on paths, on rocky grounds and among thorny bush saw their end. In the parable of the weeds among wheat were burnt in a furnace and today the last parable says the net brought in all kinds of fish good as well as bad then the fishermen sat down and collected good ones into their basket and threw the bad ones. So it is a reminder for us that there is a justice seat and all of us have to stand in front of God the just judge for our final verdict.

Let us examine.

In my life which is the treasure or fine pearl, I have found?

Am I ready to give up everything in the world?

Do I realize that I am called and predestined for the purpose of God and for His glory?

Have I desired for the gift of the Holy Spirit and prayed for it from the Father?

Let us pray.

O God my Father and mother, grant me the grace of the Holy Spirit to thirst for the wisdom that comes from you. Open my eyes to find the heavenly treasure hidden in your word. Let me search for the fine pearls of your kingdom and own them giving up everything I count as great in my life. Amen