“Give Thanks to the Lord, Proclaim His Greatness,      Tell the people what He has done to me” (Psalm 105)

“Give Thanks to the Lord, Proclaim His Greatness, Tell the people what He has done to me” (Psalm 105)

Wed, 28 Apr 21 Life of the Institute

It is with these words of the psalmist that I would like to share in my joys and happiness with you my sisters, families and friends. Who is reading this little article? I am Sister Jyotilata Bhuriya of St. Alphonsa. I come from Madhya Pradesh place called Rajgarh and with my small family, I have lived many beautiful experiences of love and a sense of gratitude towards the God of life, for all the wonders he has done in my life and the life of my dear ones. In fact, I have always lived in an environment filled with a lot of love, care, faith and complete trust in God.

I was raised by my Dear Parents, brothers and sister who taught me so much and showed me a God who is love and mercy. With their help, I took my first steps towards the joy of knowing, serving and experiencing divine love.

Since I was a child I have always felt and experienced the presence of God within me and around me, who is faithful, a God who never abandons his children, even in the face of our frailties. And even as a child and adolescent there was awareness in me of the specific call to religious life, I felt the desire to follow this God who walks with his people, who becomes a traveling companion and who gave his only Son for love, only for love and here I say yes to His call on 28th July 2009 by joining the family of the Daughters of the church.

With my temporary profession on 21st november 2013, I experienced a great joy within me that made me feel that “God exist and He is Love” the joy of saying my Yes to God, to the Church and to the religious family of the Daughters of the Church. I felt that the love that I was seeking long back is now found. It was a day of light, grace and happiness. I am sure that God's faithfulness has led me to live and to say my YES in the fullness during my journey of juniorate and certainty his love for me gives me the strength to continue my life in this family of the Daughters of the church in the footsteps of mother Maria Oliva Bonoldo of the mystical body.

Therefore today 23rd May 2021 it is a great day for me to say my total “YES” to Him through beautiful words “ Here Am I Receive me, O Lord” through perpetual profession to be His channel forever. Today the word that I carry in my heart is Gratitude. Gratitude to God who has given me the precious gift of my vocation, to my beloved family, to my Religious Family and finally to all those people who have been beside me throughout my journey especially Mother General Sr. Tresa and her councilors, Sr. Gracy and her councilors- Sr. Shysamma & Sr. Jolly, all the Superiors, Formators and especially Sr. Annie who guided me throughout this last period of my juniorate to be shaped by the love of Christ. 

Thank you, God bless you all!

Sr. Jyotilata Bhuriya