My experience with Sr. Silvana

My experience with Sr. Silvana

Sat, 13 Oct 18 Daughters of the Church

25th death anniversary of Sr. Silvana Termignone (1993-2018)

The Sisters from India would like to remember and share their experience of living with Sr. Silvana who brought the Charism of Daughters of the Church to India.

I met Sr. Silvana for the first time in the month of August, 1972 in Kerala. Thidanad was with one group of Aspirants in FCC Convent at start of our Congregation in India. I expressed my desire to join the Congregation and she received me very happily. I was impressed the way she welcomed my father and me.

 I have 16 years of experience with her. Ever since my formation period, I’ve experienced her as a strict and straight forward person. Her life was very austere, well disciplined and ordered. Her teachings had given me so many values for my life. Her prayer life, virtues and sacrifices were inspirational for me. I learned numerous things such as the love towards Jesus, to meditate on His passion, love for the Church, to pray for the needs of the Church, taking care of the poor and needy ones of the society from her.

Whoever came to her she received them all without any difference, and made them feel at home. Her smile, love, kind words and actions, hospitality and family spirit were very attractive. In her way of life she had adapted and loved the Indian culture and all appreciated it and we are proud of it. She had become an Indian more than each and everyone of us in all the levels. She was interested in Indian culture and spirituality which she adapted in our chapel and liturgy. She was very open and had very good relationship with other religious groups and initiated inter- religious prayer service in our Community.

As a human being she has all her limitations but we love her so much like our own mother. In fact we were calling her in our language “Amma” and she liked to hear us call her Amma.  She had become an Amma to all who came in contact with her, the parishioners, the poor, our friends and our family members. So I can say that she showed with her life that “God exists and is Love”.                                                                                                       

Cicily Parekudyil MDA