Lay Association for the “Children of the Church”

No one can claim as his own or her own the gifts infused generously and given in total freedom by the Holy Spirit that as the wind blows where it wants ... no one knows where it comes from and where it goes. (Jn 3: 8).

We are not simply people who have received the gift of the charism but we also have the duty to make it alive, present and relevant in the midst of the people of God who continue to safeguard and develop it! For this reason, the Lay Association of the “Children of the Church” was originated with the aim of living the charism, received as a gift by Mother Maria Oliva and sharing its mission in the world, in social, political and community commitment, in work, in the family.

The relevance of our charism encourages us to witness to the Church wherever Jesus actually calls people to live the Gospel of Salvation through the daily rediscovery of the Baptism that makes us children of God and of the Eucharist that nourishes us to be living members of His Body!

The members of this Association hold periodical meetings during which they try to deepen their understanding of the Word of God, and of the documents of the Church pertaining to their state of life.

If you wish, contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or in facebook or come and meet us.

We are passionated about...

The Holy Scripture

Our formation is strictly based on the "Sacred Scripture". We always begin our fraternal meetings with a short Lectio Divina. Prayer and study of the Word of God help us to grow in spiritual life. 

The Liturgy

The regular preparation of the liturgical celebrations and taking responsibility in animation, help us to live in a way that our contact with the "Word of God" becomes more of a life-touching experience. We actively participate in the Eucharistic Celebration, and in the Prayer of the Church, trying to live in our day to life what we celebrate.


We experience the joy of being in dialogue not only with non-Christian brothers and sisters but also with the groups and movements in our parishes and in our dioceses with their different gifts.

The doctrine

The doctrine of the Church and the writings of Mother Maria Oliva Bonaldo.
We wish to lead our life according to the indications of the documents of the Church, the pastoral letters of the Bishops and the teachings of our Foundress in her various writings.

Being together

“Being together” is our strength and joy. Together we become a large family of God’s children.