Aspirants, Postulants and Novices meet

Aspirants, Postulants and Novices meet

Formation Aurora Valde Rutilans (Arunodaya) - Bangalore - India

We commenced the meeting with the recollection; Holy Mass and Adoration in the evening of 5th Thursday, boosted us with the spiritual energy and led us into a prayerful atmosphere, which continued until the next day afternoon. Sr. Gracy G our Delegate Superior introduced us to the recollection with an inspiring reflection and thought of a Saint who accompanies us until the next meet. For the next meet 2021, we are asked to prepare a short life history of the Saint, whom each one received. 

After having spent time with the Lord in prayer and reflection, we were graced and privileged to meet our Mother General Sr. Tresa GSR online to get her wishes and a talk on Beatitudes. Added to it we were happy to get to know our Formation in charge Sr. Esmeralda I. 

Thanks to Sr. Flomy DA for enlightening us on the theme Word of God in Formation and Sr. Rani GC on Formation of Conscience. In the afternoon, we were happy to have the quiz competition on the Gospel of Mathew conducted by Sr. Jayanthi GC. In the night after supper, the Juniour sisters showed us a Film - Quo Vadis. 

On Saturday 7th morning, our day commenced with a class by Sr. Sabini G. on the concept of Lectio Divina, which helped us to know how to read and meditate on the Word of God. Thereafter during the day from 10. 45- 11.45 a.m., Sr. Shysamma MPS met us online to impart awareness on the Characteristic of Religious Motivation. Then from 12.00- 1.00 pm, Sr. Gracy G highlighted on Mother Maria Oliva &Church.

         In the afternoon Sr. Shali PM conducted Lectio Divina on the readings of the 32nd Sunday of Ordinary time. In the evening Sr. Regina GC led us through a workshop on Generation Z (which is our Generation) Versus Millennial. Indeed, we are happy to have a saint of our own generation St. Carlo Acuits. In the evening, we (Gen Z) presented a cultural event to our dear sisters of the Millennial

On 8th Sunday morning Sr. Sherly GC conducted the Sunrise meditation and continued with Sr. Jolly PG’s class on Mother Mary the perfect model of obedience. Before lunch, together with Sr. Gracy G., we concluded our meeting with a feedback session, thanking the Lord and the Sisters who availed us this opportunity. It was well organized and well programmed, though it was tight yet we all enjoyed receiving inspiring input from different sisters of our own Religious Family. Thanks to our Delegate superior who allowed us to talk with Rev Sr. Tina, the Centenarian. It was truly a gift to us. Thanks also to Srs. Silby and Daliya who assisted her. We concluded our formative gathering thanking God, and all the enriching experiences we have received during these days. Thanks for all!