Dall'equipe comunicazione... è tutto!

XII General Chapter. Communication team... a week later!

"We cannot enter into communication with the other if we do not assume his/her language, his/her world, his/her categories..."  we experienced it when we were asked to collaborate in the communication commission of the XII General Chapter of the Congregation.

A surprise, so much joy mixed with questions and fear, but with the certainty of wishing only to create relationships with the "outside" world of Religious Life ... if we want to call it that, even if we are fully convinced, and the experience we have lived confirms this, whether online or off line, we are always people with stories that want to intertwine, get to know and support each other.

There are two things that are in our heart after this experience of service for the religious family, which amazed us, fascinated and in love:

  1. The extraordinary collaboration that we have been able to live among the General Chapter sisters in charge of communication: Maria Chiara, Flomy, Esmeralda and Gracinha respectively for the Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese languages ​​and the novice Alice, responsible for the insertion on the site. An extraordinary collaboration, because every evening a meeting was held to provide the material to Alice: photos, videos and article to be published to allow people to follow us concretely. A perfect collaboration: the article was developed in Italian, it was translated and sent for inclusion on our website. Then the online publication, in social media and sharing to friends via WhatsApp.

At the time of our daily appointment ... around 9.00 pm, the telephone started ringing, the computer was on and ready to work and the material to be formatted and inserted slowly arrived, piece after piece ... and everything, slowly, took form to offer each of you what you could enjoy and share.

How true it is that unity is strength!

Every evening, our conversations ended with a heartfelt THANK YOU coming from the heart ... because in addition to exchanging material for the site, we gave each other time to ask ourselves: how are you? This has allowed us to grow as sisters in Christ and at the service of the Church.


  1. The beauty of sharing our life in simplicity, to weave true and meaningful relationships with those who are not near us physically but with the heart and supported us from the first moment with prayer, first of all and then with messages, " I like it ”, comments


Oh, the power of prayer ... we felt it all! We are nothing by ourselves. Our being "Daughters of the Church" without all our friends would lack the most beautiful part.

We have hearts full of wonder and gratitude ... for each sister of our special Family, for every "virtual" friend and not, for the sisters in Christ of other Religious Families who have supported us, helped and encouraged us in this "bold" project, for every moment we have lived in this XII Chapter ... because everything has been a sign of His love for us, for the Church!