Dear Amma

Dear Amma

Community Madre della Compassione (Karunya) - Rayagada - India

Amma.......yes. We all called her Amma. She liked it, deserved it. She had a paternal care. All those who closely associated with her discovered her tender maternity. Of course, she was paternal in her dealings which were essential for the growth of the tiny Community which she had started   completely trusting God  and allowing herself to be guided by his Spirit and overcoming so many challenges and odds of life.

Her openness to various religions, culture, her boldness, sense of justice, enthusiasm, human, Christian and religious values made in me a positive impact in the early stages of my formation.

Sr. Silvana implanted in me the value of obedience. She used to tell me ‚ÄúCharity is good but obedience is better than everything.  Look at Jesus; with His holy obedience He redeemed the mankind". Even today, this message of obedience resounds in my ears and I pass it on to the younger generation.

Her heart melts like an ice cube when a person owns up her errors and fallibility. Here I want to confess my sweet experience with her.  When I was a postulant I used to keep a piece of paper at her door handle listing out all my shortcomings of the day and asking sorry to her. This she appreciated and therefore I was encouraged to bloom along with others in the garden of the Daughters of the Church imbibing the spirituality of Mother Maria Oliva.

I'm grateful for the 3 years I lived with her and it was a rare opportunity to learn many things from her which even today I live by.