Interculturalità - 18.06.2019

Interculturality in Consecrated Life -18.06.2019

Interculturality in Consecrated Life: a matter of utmost urgency

Today too, we started the day celebrating the morning prayer and the Mass of Reconciliation. The theme we deepened, Interculturality, was presented to us with passion and competence by Sr. Elisabeth Flik from the Society of the Helpers of the Holy Souls. Her long experience in the administration and her mission in international and intercultural contexts have allowed her to present with clarity and credibility the theme.

To experience interculturality as a new way of mission, she suggests three guiding criteria:

  •       deepening personal identity
  •       entering into relationship with the other
  •       promoting dialogue

The meeting was enriched by the presence of about twenty sisters from various communities and the dynamic group work in which we discussed in response to some significant demands to live interculturality that were presented:

  •      the attitudes that need to be cultivated;
  •      the personal effort one should make;
  •      and the obstacles that need to be overcome.

All this requires a heart, a mind and a will that must be deeply rooted in the mystery of an incarnate God who suffers with us.

With today we have concluded the preliminary phase and move on to informative phase tomorrow.

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