Memoria grata… - 24.06.2019

Grateful memory... - 24.06.2019

24 June 2019

Grateful memory...

Your coming caused John the Baptist to leap for joy in his mother’s womb,

help us to  rejoice at your coming among us.

(from the Liturgy)

On 24 June 1938 the first four sisters with the Foundress arrived in Rome and here we were born as Daughters of the Church. We thank God for this anniversary.

In the Eucharist on the solemnity of the nativity of St. John the Baptist, the celebrant Don Carlo Marin, DFP, stressed the joy of every life for a mission highlighting the characteristics of the precursor: preparing the way for the Lord, knowing how to discern and a help to recognize the Lord’s Presence in us and in others.

We started the planning phase led by Dr. Gloria Conti as a facilitator. After extensive methodological indications we worked in 5 groups looking at the various proposals of the Istrumentum Laboris on the theme of "relationship with God and spiritual life".

In the afternoon, after approving the minutes of the previous day, we shared the work of the groups with a view to formulating proposals for approval.

Tomorrow we will continue with the group work and in the assembly continuing the deepening of the Istrumentum Laboris.

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