Silenzio e preghiera - 17.06.2019

Silence and prayer. Alone with Love aloneĀ  - 17.06.2019

... alone with Love alone  ...

 The Day of recollection, of silence and solitude began with the Lauds and the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr. Carlo Maria Zanotti, SDB who also facilitated the day of recollection. Commenting on the readings of the day, he emphasized the role of the Word of God to create new things. It is faith in Christ that makes us as Church while the incoherence to the Word becomes an obstacle. Jesus overthrows the law of proportionality; he urges us not to return evil with another evil, but to go to the root of everything: the heart.

The meditation points for the day of recollection were centered on the passage from the Acts of the Apostles 2, 42-47, where, through an idealized but normative summary, a model of behavior is presented also for the community life today.

There are four "perseverance" necessary to be in the heart of the Church: perseverance in the teaching of the apostles (invitation to be firm in the faith), in fellowship (sharing of material and spiritual personal goods), in the breaking of bread (celebrating the Eucharist with joy and in fraternity) and in the prayer (always feeling ourselves in the presence of God) Acts 2:42.

Quoting the Foundress, he underlined the importance of being a group of eager hearts because only with a heart that is willing the mission can be accomplished.

The Eucharistic adoration and the Vespers concluded this day of solitude.

Before dinner we completed some formalities: approval of the Instrumentum laboris,  the Agenda and of the procedural norms of the Chapter.

Awaits an open day tomorrow where all the sisters can take part, a day in which the theme of Inter-culturality will be discussed.

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