Maria Maestra de Vida Espiritual

  • Sacaba
  • Bolivian delegation

  •  Mary Master of spiritual life

    Mary, Teacher of spiritual life is the house of Spirituality, of the Bolivian Delegation, where retreats and spiritual courses are organized and held for various groups of religious and laity.

    The specific mission of the House is the openness to and welcoming of all those persons and ecclesial groups who wish to be with the Lord and with themselves in prolonged times of prayer. We are also available to welcome particular groups of other religious confessions.

    We cultivate with delicacy, taste and artistic sense all that refers to the liturgical expression of the Church, which is the proclamation and witness of the harmony and beauty of God Himself (Directory, 71e)

    Our house also welcomes groups seeking a place of peace and serenity to carry out human and professional training workshops. The external environment offers a suitable space for recollection and personal prayer.

    The Sisters also collaborate in the parish catechetical pastoral care especially for the communities of the rural area.


    Maria Maestra de Vida Espiritual


    • 1318
    • SACABA (Cochabamba)
    • Nazione: Bolivia


    • Telephone: 00591 4 4339272
    • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.