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    The Community was opened on April 21, 1965 with the approval of Archbishop Abel Isidoro Antezanay Roja, who was happy to have collaboration for the immense needs of the Archdiocese. We were entrusted with the small church dedicated to the "Señor de la Exaltación", in the Parish "Santissima Trinidad", which includes 6 centers of pastoral care, each accompanied by a religious community.

    We find ourselves in a very crowded working-class neighborhood, where commerce is thriving but where there are so many poor.

    Our apostolic commitment is expressed in Eucharistic Adoration, in liturgical Animation, catechesis for children and adults, youth and vocational ministry, formation for ministries of the Word and of singing; we also follow the missionary childhood and take care of the formation of the group of the Lay Association of the Daughters of the Church.

    In the field of social pastoral care we immediately realized a refectory for the poor: "the Jesus", as taught by our Foundress. They are mostly elderly people, but there are no shortage of needy children and women, around 200 every day. We have also been able to create a small clinic, always in favor of the poor, where with the help of volunteer doctors or with a small contribution they can find, in addition to medicines, and the possibility of dental care laboratory for clinical analyzes or other tests.

    One sister teaches religion in the school and another sister collaborates in the nunciature's secretariat.

    We are grateful to the Lord because in this Eucharistic center in which we have been living for 52 years, we are continuing to walk with commitment together with his people, who are hungry for him and also for bread.

    Regina Apostolorum


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