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    The Community dedicated to Our Lady of Nazareth, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) was canonically erected on March 25, 2000, on the solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, by Sister Elda Canesso, then Superior General. The motives for which this community came into existence are namely to provide the opportunity for a missionary-Eucharistic service in the Cathedral and to provide a more adequate response to the needs for religious formation of our young people.

    In all these years the Community has continued its service and mission in the Archdiocese and in particular in the Cathedral, the minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo, located in the center of the city; here the community sustains the daily Eucharistic adoration and collaborates for the liturgical animation and the liturgical decoration of the church.

    According to the possibilities, the Sisters also collaborate with some suburban parishes, providing the service of catechesis, youth ministry, and accompaniment of families.

    Santa Maria de Nazareth


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