Nuestra Señora de América Latina

  • Bucaramanga (Santander Sur)
  • Colombia-Ecuador delegation

  • Our Lady of Latin America

    The community was born from the apostolic desire of going to the remote zones, where there were poorer people and less assistance and the dream was realized on January 18th 1993.

    The parish consisted of about 80,000 inhabitants, mostly fugitives from situations of violence and social discrimination, and violence, drugs, prostitution and delinquency prevailed in the neighborhood.

    The Sisters inserted themselves into this difficult reality and integrated themselves in the mission of the parish with particular attention to consoling and supporting the poor. They are engaged in catechesis, liturgical formation and animation, social work, formation of extraordinary ministers of communion, supporting the path of faith of the people, trying to realize the yearning of the Foundress to be "a procession of God among men".

    In order to reach the little ones and for the sustenance of the community they also undertake teaching in the school.

    The Community follows in particular a group of girls at high risk because of the poverty and the family situation, and has included them in the "Manitas creativas" (creative hands) program; offering them afterschool integral formation, for an adequate development of their personality and their qualities, through various educational and pedagogical tools and offer them every day refreshments and snack that help them to grow even physically.

    Nuestra Señora de América Latina


    • Calle 8 N # 25-16
    • B. Regadero Norte
    • Nazione: Colombia


    • Telephone: 0057 76-406936
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