Aurora Valde Rutilans (Arunodaya)

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    Our Foundress, Mother Maria Oliva Bonaldo looked with great hope towards the East, confident that our Charism could be expressed in those lands of deep spirituality and Apostolic Christian Tradition. The first five Sisters hailing from the State of Kerala, after their First Profession in Italy, returned to India with Sr. Silvana Termignone and opened the first convent on 30 November 1978, at 80 Bull Temple Road, Bangalore with the approval of the then Archbishop, Mons. P. Arokiaswamy.

    The Marian title chosen for the Community by the Foundress herself is "Shining Dawn" (Arunodaya in the local language) in whose light she wanted her Sisters to wake up and journey.

    Right from the beginning, Arunodaya had a twofold mission: formation of the members (at theological and professional level) and attention and charity towards the poor, especially the patients affected by Hansen’s disease. In 1984, it was erected as the Novitiate house and in 2000 as the Delegation house. The Sisters render their service in the Pastoral, social and in the education ministry. A few Sisters are engaged in nursing the sick in different hospitals in the city.

    Aurora Valde Rutilans (Arunodaya)


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