Delegation team of India

Delegation team of India

Fri, 05 Jan 18 Delegations

The charism of Mother Maria Oliva Bonaldo came to Indian subcontinent  which has 29 states and 7 union territories with different cultures and civilizations in which about a seventh of our world’s population resides, the largest democracy in the world through the instrumentality of Sr. Silvana Termignone in 1978.  Today, the Indian Delegation of the Daughters of the Church has its seat at Arunodaya (Rising Dawn) 80, Bull Temple Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, the first house of the Daughters of the Church.  The Delegation comprises of 12 communities in 6 states from North to South, East to West that in fidelity to the Gospel participate in the universal mission of salvation. Inspired by the charism of Mother Maria Oliva Bonaldo, we become, as she was, a prophetic presence and voice in the service of people. We embody her commitment to make Christ known and loved by taking care of the vulnerable and powerless as we respond creatively in our varied contexts and in a world very different to hers. The motto from Eucharistic Body to the mystical body is lived out as every sister goes in haste, like Mary at the visitation, Mary Magdalene and Thomas the apostle after meeting the Risen Lord to proclaim with our life and ministries that “God exists and he is love”. Our uniqueness as “contemplatives and therefore apostles” urges us to go to alleys of our lives and contexts being open to all with the joy that is the fruit of the Spirit, to announce the kingdom of God already present in the world and doesn’t permit us to rest until Christ is formed in everyone.

Though we are like a drop in an ocean, we believe that the Lord has called us to be leaven here and now, in the changing scenario of our country with the challenges we face. Not motivated by fear, but with our hands on the plough, helping the wheat to grow, even though it has frequently been sown among weeds. This compels us to be one with Jesus, in our lives and in the midst of these great changes. Our mission today is all the more to put Jesus in the midst of his people, having a contemplative heart, one capable of discerning how God is walking through the streets of our cities, our towns and our neighborhoods. May we continue to be women who having discovered God's love, and reveal God's love to the wounded heart of humanity.

In the multi-religious and multi-cultural context, we believe that “It is not by proselytizing that the Church grows but by attraction” ( Evangelii Gaudium, No. 14). The consecrated life will not flourish as a result of brilliant vocation programs, but because the young people we meet find us attractive, because they see us women who are happy.  Similarly, the apostolic effectiveness of consecrated life does not depend on the efficiency of its methods.  It depends on the eloquence of our lives, lives which radiate the joy and beauty of living the Gospel and following Christ to the full.”

Therefore, we constantly strive to go back to our roots: SMILING SISTERS, PRAYING SISTERS, POOR SISTERS !!!