Fiducia nostra (Ashraya)

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    This convent is located in Karnataka State and is dedicated to the Virgin under the title "Our Trust", which in the local language is called Ashraya. It is in the Diocese of Belgaum, where Bishop Bernard Moras welcomed us in June 2001, entrusting us with a twofold mission: the collaboration with the Missionary Fathers of St. Francis de Sales in the educational ministry and social service for human promotion, especially of women, in a predominantly Hindu context of a weak socio-economic background.

    Our work in both these fields is important. Through the social service, the sisters are committed to empower extremely vulnerable women and children and help them achieve a better quality of life through education and self-reliance. Our efforts are driven towards creating sustainable and holistic growth for the most vulnerable of people and encourage them to find employment or start their own enterprises to earn better livelihoods. The service our Sisters render in the nearby villages is also precious, for the detection of the handicapped, always within the framework of MOB Project of Mandya, enabling people to gain access to their full human rights, including economic, social, and cultural rights.

    Fiducia nostra (Ashraya)


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