Fons Vitae (Jeevandhara)

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    We landed in North India, at Hazaribagh, in Jharkhand State, 'the land of forests' - endowed with rich flora and fauna, on October 11, 2010, at the invitation of the Brothers of St. Gabriel (known as Montfort Brothers). With the approval of the then Bishop of Hazaribagh Mons. Charles Soreng, we started our collaboration with the Brothers in their mission of informal education among the tribal youth, dropouts from the School or who did not have access to further studies in formal Institutions.

    These boys and girls are enrolled in MTC (Montfort Technical Centre) and given opportunity for vocational training like communicative English, computer, carpentry, welding, driving etc. We also collaborate in the education ministry in St. Xavier’s Jesuit School and dedicate our time in the family apostolate of the Parish of “Transfiguration”, which is also the Cathedral Church. Our Community is entrusted to Mary, "Fount of Life" (Jeevandhara in the local language) because it is she who instills in us new hope and enlivens us in the midst of tribal population of Jharkhand,  plagued by poverty, social injustice, corruption, and sporadic outbursts of Maoist and Naxalite violence.

    Fons Vitae (Jeevandhara)


    • C/O MTC - P.B. NO. 88
    • Mariam Toli – Kanhari Hill Road
    • HAZARIBAG 825301
    • Jharkhand
    • Nazione: India


    • Telephone: 0091 9471364464
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