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    Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of north-eastern India, Meghalaya stands as a testament to both natural beauty and cultural diversity. As one of the Seven Sister States, its mountainous terrain, verdant valleys, and highland plateaus captivate the senses, while its rich tapestry of tribal communities adds depth to its allure.

    Among the diverse ethnic groups that call Meghalaya home, the Khasis, Garos, and Jaintias stand prominent, each weaving their own unique traditions, languages, and customs into the vibrant fabric of the state. In this melting pot of cultures, unity thrives amidst diversity, enriching the collective identity of Meghalaya.

    With approximately 75% of its population adhering to Christianity, Meghalaya holds a unique place in India as one of the few states where Christians form the majority. Presbyterians, Baptists, Church of God, and Catholics coexist, each contributing to the religious tapestry that colours the state's landscape.

    In the heart of this captivating land lies the Umpher region in the parish of Byrnihat. It was here, on the 21st of March 2021, that the Community of Daughters of the Church embarked on a new chapter of the mission, at the beckoning of the CST Brothers, with the benevolent approval of Archbishop Victor Lyngdoh in the archdiocese of Shillong.

    Driven by a shared commitment to education, pastoral care, and religious formation, the Sisters Kannukadan Mercy STGB and Lobo Assunta SCG, initially housed within the CST Brother's abode, set forth on their journey of service on the 25th of March 2021. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by migrant workers and tribal families, the Daughters of the Church have partnered with the CST Brothers to establish educational initiatives tailored to their needs. Sr. Elizabeth Ezra SCG joined the two Sisters, enriching their endeavour with her presence and dedication.

    Despite initial challenges, including the lack of a permanent residence, the Sisters persevered, eventually finding a rented house that now serves as their abode where receiving the strength from the Eucharistic adoration, serve the parish community in its various initiatives being close to the local church with the specific Charism of love for the Church. Moreover, the Sisters are passionate about nurturing vocations within the Church and inspiring young men and women to answer the call of God

    After a period marked by profound experiences and transformative encounters, the time for transition arrived, paving the way for a new chapter in their mission. On the 5th of June 2023, a new community emerged with Sr. Pallasseril Valsa PS, Chemmampallil Regi GB and Vadakkeparambil Jessy CIM, carrying forward the torch of faith and compassion.

    Looking ahead, we are excited to announce our newest initiative aimed at empowering tribal girls through access to education. Recognizing the unique barriers, they face in pursuing their dreams, we are exploring the possibility of establishing hostel facilities to provide them with a safe and nurturing environment conducive to learning. By removing logistical obstacles and providing a supportive community, we hope to empower these girls to unlock their full potential and become agents of change in their communities.

    With a primary focus on education ministry, pastoral outreach, village engagement, and religious formation, the Daughters of the Church stand poised to make a profound impact on the lives of the local community, guided by the unwavering dedication to nurturing the Christian faith and making the Church known and loved by prayer and service.

    Fonte della gioia (Ānandadhara)


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