Furnishing an Interreligious Library

Furnishing an Interreligious Library

Fons Lucis (Jyothidhara) - Valillapuzha - India


Jyothidhara School, run by sisters of the Daughters of the Church, a beacon of education, recently took a significant step towards promoting harmony and understanding among its students and teaching staff. The school, recognizing the importance of interreligious dialogue and fostering unity in diversity, embarked on a multifaceted journey by furnishing an interreligious library, organizing a conference on world religions, and hosting quiz and essay competitions on the theme “unity in diversity”.

Furnishing an Interreligious Library:

The cornerstone of this initiative was the establishment of an interreligious library within the school premises sponsored by Russell Berrie Foundation and St. John Paul Study center for promoting Interreligious studies.   This space serves as a repository of sacred texts, scriptures, and literature from various world religions. Students and teaching staffs now have the opportunity to explore and understand the richness and diversity of different faith traditions. This endeavor not only promotes religious literacy but also encourages mutual respect and appreciation for the beliefs of others.

Interreligious Prayer Meeting:

The beautiful spiritual experiential moment was shared by all the children and teaching staff of the school belong to various religious faith such as Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

Conference on World Religions:

To deepen the engagement with diverse religious perspectives, Jyothidhara School organized a conference on world religions by Dr. Sr. Gracy Joseph. The conference provided a platform for open discussions, fostering a spirit of tolerance and acceptance. Students and teaching staff gained valuable knowledge about the fundamental principles that bind humanity together, transcending religious boundaries.

Quiz Competition on Unity in Diversity:

In an effort to actively involve the students, a quiz competition focusing on World Religions was conducted. The competition challenged participants to demonstrate their understanding of the common threads that connect people of different backgrounds.

Essay Competition to Express Perspectives for the Teaching staff:

Participants had the opportunity to articulate their thoughts on the importance of embracing differences and building bridges across religious divides. This exercise not only honed their writing skills but also provided a platform for thoughtful reflection on the values of tolerance and coexistence.

Poster Competition on “Unity in Diversity”

The poster competition was participated by the students of Jyothidhara school.

The winners were given prizes, in order to encourage them.


Jyothidhara School's initiatives in establishing an interreligious library, organizing a conference on world religions, and conducting quiz and essay competitions exemplify a commitment to nurturing a culture of understanding and respect. These efforts are not only shaping the minds of the current generation but also sowing the seeds for a future where unity in diversity is celebrated as a fundamental strength of society.

Sr. Gracy Joseph