Maria dimora dello Spirito (Atmanivas)

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    Our Novitiate house in India known as Atma Nivas, dedicated to Mary "Abode of the Holy Spirit" is located in a village called Gowhalli, in Karnataka State, about 14 kilometers from the city of Mysore.

    At the time of purchase of the land, there was a small farmhouse where on 1 October 2004, the Novitiate was transferred from Bangalore to Mysore. The new house for the novices was built after 3 years and was blessed and inaugurated on 8 December 2007.

    The environment is particularly suitable for the formation of novices, away from the chaotic city of Bangalore. The contact with the nature, the fresh air, the trees and the flowers and even the domestic animals around, provide an enriching experience, which one cannot enjoy in the city.

    The majority of people in this area are Hindus with whom we maintain a good relationship. There are other Novitiate houses of different Religious Congregations, both male and female, and this facilitates formation and participation in liturgical celebrations at an inter-congregational level.

    Since 2010, the Community has also made a commitment in the Social field to help people with disabilities in various villages of the neighborhood.

    From 1 June 2011, the house provides accommodation and tuition for a small group of ten to twelve boys who come from far away villages to study in St. Francis’ School, Jettihundi. 

    Maria dimora dello Spirito (Atmanivas)


    • Gowhalli Village
    • Mallahalli P.O., 570026
    • Beerihundi, Bogadhi, Mysore
    • Karnataka
    • Nazione: India


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