Maria discepola della sapienza (Vidyopasini)

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    This is our second convent in the State of Madhya Pradesh, opened on 12th June 2011 in a village called Khalwa, about 50 km from Khandwa. 

    The mission entrusted to us by the Bishop of Khandwa, Mons. Arockia Sebastian Durairaj is to collaborate in the education ministry of the Diocese, in the newly started Mahatma Gandhi Memorial School, Khalwa. Here, we are in a Hindu context; the Christian families are just 13. The School is highly appreciated by the people, and as the number of children increases, the Diocese is providing for the extension of the School building.

    At first two classrooms of the School served as the Sisters’ residence, later the Diocese built a spacious and beautiful convent for the Sisters. The Marian title given to this house is "Disciple of Wisdom" (Vidyopasini, in local language). Like Mary, we wish to be guided by the Holy Spirit in the mission of educating children and youth. Our convent chapel functions as the Parish and Christian Centre of faith education of the youth, and service to the poor.

    Maria discepola della sapienza (Vidyopasini)


    • Mahatma Gandhi Memorial School
    • Shanthinahar
    • KHALWA 450117 - Khandwa DT.
    • Madhya Pradesh
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