Maria Promotrice dell’Unità (Sauhardini)

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  • Mother of Harmony

    This Community at Barpeta, dedicated to Mary, “Mother of Harmony" (Sauhardini in the local language) is a small "mission station" in the northeastern State of Assam, where the great Brahmaputra River, which has its origin in the Himalayas of Tibet, flows through.

     In this State, where Christians are a small minority, we are present with our Charism in the Diocese of Bongaigaon (erected by St. John Paul II in 2000) at the invitation of the Bishop, Mons. Thomas Pulloppillil. The Bishop entrusted us with the task of teaching in a School of the diocese at Barpeta, at the district headquarters. It is virtually a noise and pollution free town with a limited number of automobiles, surrounded by rivulets and canals from all directions.

    We have been entrusted with the responsibility of supporting the small group of Christians through Catechesis and family visits in order to reinforce their life of faith. We are here since January 2017 and are already experiencing the richness of intercultural encounter and the goodwill of the people beyond religious differences.

    Maria Promotrice dell’Unità (Sauhardini)


    • St. Mary’s English Medium School
    • Baradi P.O. Dist. - BARPETA 781314
    • Assam
    • Nazione: India


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