Tota pulchra (Nirmal Bhavan)

  • Dhar
  • Indian delegation

  • Dhar is a small town located in Madhya Pradesh, North-Central State of India, and is part of the Diocese of Indore, a metropolitan city where the Bishop resides.

    Invited by the Bishop, Mons. George Anathil, we started our humble presence on 16 July 1997, at first in a rented house and then in a newly built convent provided by the Diocese. The Marian title attributed to this house is “Most Pure” (Nirmal Bhavan in the local language). 

    The Community's mandate, carried out from its beginning to this day, is collaboration in the Catechetical formation of the few Christian families present in this place. We are also engaged in the education ministry of the Diocese, both in teaching and secretarial services.

    We give due care in the medical-social welfare of those suffering from Hansen’s disease in three colonies and provide proper assistance to the children, who though not affected by leprosy are often discriminated unless they progress in study and find a suitable work.

    Tota pulchra (Nirmal Bhavan)


    • St. George School Compound
    • DHAR 454001
    • Madhya Pradesh
    • Nazione: India


    • Telephone: 0091 7292-233171
    • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.