Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity

Community Fons Lucis (Jyothidhara) - Valillapuzha - India

The year 2018-2019, in our school we have opened a new way of witnessing Christ through interreligious harmony programme. Interreligious dialogue can be at High-level, Mid-level and the Grass-roots level. It was our long-term aspiration to have an interreligious harmony programme at Grass-roots level in our school. We do believe that interfaith dialogue at the Grass Root level necessarily needs lot of patience and passion involved in promoting such interfaith activities. Inter-religious dialogue does not aim at undermining belief, either; on the contrary, it is more constructive when the young students who participate are firmly grounded in their own religious traditions, allowing them to take seriously the practices and beliefs of others. I am convinced that at times, the dialogue process can deepen and strengthen one’s own religious identity and respect the other.  Our education to interreligious harmony should move them into action. 

The vision:

To form a new generation who could accept one another’s  faith and live in peace and harmony in order to become peace builders in the society and in the world.

The means :

 To provide a well-furnished library with Sacred books and related books of the world religions such as Aramaic religions (Christianity, Jewish and Islam), Hindu, Buddhism, Zoroastrians, Jainism, African religions, etc. Once the library is furnished it can be at the disposal of all the students of the school all throughout the year. To give conferences on various world religions. To visit various religious places, to conduct essays, debates, discussions on various religious faith with prizes to the winners etc. For above vision, Sr. Gracy  has organized with the help of the Sisters and the staff a conference to the students. The theme was “a glance on 12 important religions of the world”. Later a quiz was conducted on it to the same students, also arranged a poster competition on theme “ Unity in Diversity”.To the teachers an essay competition was organized with the same theme “ Unity In Diversity”. The winners were given cash award and mementos. We are happy that almost every plan that have programmed have come in to action during this academic year. The last but not the least is: interreligious harmony pilgrimage tour for the staff on 30th March. We  will be visiting the sacred places :an ancient Catholic Church at Kodumgallor, built by St. Thomas, a Mosque, a Temple and a Synagogue in Mattancherry. The desire of Jesus “May they all be One” (John 17, 21 ) be realized in everyone, and the dream of our Mother Foundress Mother Maria Oliva, Ut Unum Sint may be actualized through us in our mission.