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    At Nicotera, many monks and people of contemplative life passed by and lived... Here we have come and we too live, Sisters Daughters of the Church, with all our limitations and yet "contemplative and therefore apostles", as wanted and wants by our Foundress Mother Maria Oliva Bonaldo of the Mystical Body.

    The members of the Missionary group, the group of the Cenacle, the group of the Perpetual Rosary and the Lay Association of the Daughters of the Church, participate in the lectio divina and catechesis, and some of these people are constant in the alternation for daily Eucharistic adoration with the help of the Sisters. Our desire to "know, love and witness the Church, make it known and make it loved", has always been expressed in all these years in Eucharistic Adoration, in Catechesis to people of different ages and also through the visit to the sick as ministers of Communion , help for the poor, the teaching of Religion in the school, occasional pastoral care.

    On June 13, 2018 we will celebrate our presence of 60 years in Nicotera in thanksgiving to the Lord for his goodness and his tenderness.

    Auxilium Christianorum


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