Causa nostrae laetitiae

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  • Cause of our joy

    We arrived in the parish of Christ the King, in Padua, on January 11, 1959, at the invitation of the Bishop Monsignor Bortignon, who encouraged the implementation of perpetual public worship in the oratory of Mary Regina, attached to the parish itself, and the parish apostolate.

    In all these years the Sisters have maintained a good relationship with the locality and have committed themselves with generous dedication both in catechesis to children and young people, and in the visit to the sick as extraordinary ministers of communion, and in the willingness to stand by people who turn to them to ask for advice and prayers with delicate discretion.

    In the Adoration Chapel they celebrate the liturgy of the Hours together with the faithful and animate other significant moments of prayer for the needs of the parish and the world. The decoration of the parish church is also taken care with love. Sisters’ commitment in teaching of religion in the Catholic school allows students to be brought together in the educational field as well as in the oratory and in the families.

    The life of the parish continues to be the fulcrum of the Community, which through fraternal and friendly presence shows everyone the beauty of belonging exclusively to the Lord in the vocation of special consecration, according to our charism of Daughters of the Church.

    Causa nostrae laetitiae


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