Mater Verbi

  • Roma (RM)
  • Italian Delegation

  • Mother of the Word

    Our Family continues to follow the same artistic sensibility of the Foundress in the community of Mater Verbi which, through the beauty of the arts, manual and iconographic, proposes:

    • educating to the taste of beauty in the Divine Liturgy;
    • to realize the beauty that nourishes the liturgical spirituality of the communities and the pastoral care of our churches;
    • announcing and witnessing the mystery of our salvation with the beauty;
    • to promote a Marian sensitivity that nourishes the veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    The same art inspires the sisters to give a particular care for those who wish to share with them, moments of biblical, liturgical and ecclesial study, also using the spiritual itinerary in the park, called the "way of beauty".

    With all the lovers of sacred art we want to make our own the words of Pope John Paul II: Art contributes to the affirmation of an authentic beauty that, almost reverberation of the spirit of God, transfigures matter, opening minds to the sense of the eternal (Letter to artists, 1999).

    Mater Verbi


    • Via della Magliana, 1240
    • 00148
    • Nazione: Italy


    • Telephone: 06 65000231
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