Regina Pacis

  • Cosenza (CS)
  • Italian Delegation

  •  Queen of Peace

    Since 1975 we have been entrusted with the care and liturgical animation of the Diocesan Eucharistic Center "Chiesa del Carmine". Our presence in the Diocese with simplicity and joy is to "bring Christ to the world and the world to Christ". Together with the laity of the Liturgical Group who shares the charism of Mother Maria Oliva, we carry out various initiatives. An immediate point of reference for the group of Adorers who alternate during the day, in the prayer of Praise and Intercession, is the chaplain of the Center. The prayer of Adoration is offered every day for the needs of the city parishes, for the Diocesan Presbytery, for the intentions of the Pope and of the Archbishop.

    We live moments of fraternity with the guests of the "Minestra di San Lorenzo", sisters and friends, bearers of physical and mental handicaps, but rich in humanity and capable of great emotional outbursts. With them we pray, we sing, we play, with simplicity, for the joy of giving joy to God.

    To evangelize at school is to communicate the joy of having met the Living Lord and of having discovered him as a traveling companion in every circumstance of life.

    Regina  Pacis


    • Via Monte Baldo, 18
    • 87100
    • Nazione: Italy