S. Maria dell'Ascolto

  • Roma (RM)
  • Italian Delegation

  • Holy Mary of Listening

    In the significant memory of Our Lady of Sorrows, on September 15, 1999, the new novitiate house was inaugurated, very close to the general house of Sancta Maria, to give young people a favorable environment both for their formative work and for contacts with the beating heart of the Institute.

    The young people are able to experience the deepening of the charism and the first concrete experiences of religious life, besides an active presence in the Parish of S. Maria delle Grazie at the Triumphal, collaborating for liturgy animation.

    From September 2017 the house has become the seat of the Italian Delegation.

    S. Maria dell'Ascolto


    • Viale Vaticano, 58
    • 00165
    • Nazione: Italy


    • Telephone: +39 06 39723513
    • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.