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    Since 1956, the Daughters of the Church in the City of Siena have been present in the Church of St. Vigilio with the task of animating Eucharistic adoration in this church, seat of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament.

    At the beginning of the 1990s with the emergence of university chapels in the Italian diocese, even the bishop of Siena considered it appropriate to establish the university chapel and chose as its headquarters the Church of St. Vigilio, considering it the most appropriate place for its location and the tradition that linked this church to the Rectorate of University.

    This passage has had a great influence on the insertion of the sisters in the cultural and educational activities of young university students who have found acceptance, support, friendship and fraternity and have been able to establish human, cultural and spiritual relationships both with responsible adults and among university friends with the opportunity to become a proactive voice among their peers who are not yet interested in Christian proposals.

    There are many significant moments that young university students see: first of all the Sunday meeting for the celebration of the Eucharistic Liturgy carefully prepared during the week with the Lectio Divina on Wednesday evening and the singing practice on Friday, where the ministrants for the formation and preparation of the liturgy are gathered.

    The celebrations of Lent and Holy Week have a truly fascinating flavor and warmth, such as the city's Via Crucis through the streets of the city, with the participation of several hundred people.

    The annual retreats in the intense times and the catechesis course for preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation, which is celebrated either in the dioceses of origin or in the university chapel, for those who wish it, are also very formative.

    Since December 2016 the Bishop Mons. Antonio Buoncristiani has instructed us to serve the Church of St. Cristoforo, an Archiepiscopal Rectory in the heart of the City (Piazza Tolomei), transferring our house to the housing site annexed to the Church, and in adjacent rooms the activities of the University Chapel.

    In the splendid architectural setting of a medieval cloister, we then enthusiastically continue our service to the young, broadening our arms and heart, by the Bishop's wish, also to welcome groups and movements who wish to experience formative and / or festive moments and prayer.

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