Speculum Iustitiae - Madonnella di S. Marco

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    Perhaps many do not know that in Piazza Venezia, in the heart of the city of Rome, it is possible to find a space to give rest to the heart. For those looking for a place of prayer, listening and silent meeting with God, the little chapel of the "Madonnella di San Marco", connected to the Parish-Basilica of San Marco al Campidoglio, in Palazzo Venezia, Jesus Eucharist is the guest who awaits and welcomes everyone. In this oasis of peace the sounds of the chaotic traffic of the city seem to vanish to make room for silent praise, amazed gratitude, confiding supplication, grateful blessing.

    We can feel all the warmth and affection that comes from union in the same faith, faith that we celebrate communally in the Eucharist every day and in the Liturgy of the Hours. We want to be close to everyone as we become available to offer our prayer and our life for the universal Church, for the Pope, for the city of Rome and for the whole world, for those who suffer and are in difficulty. If then someone wants to share something that is close to his heart can count on our simple and discreet welcome. We would like to tell the Church the joy of being her daughters and to show it openly so that the brothers, seeing us, say: "God exists and is Love".

    Our little chapel also wants to be a "nursery" where those initiatives that can encourage growth in spiritual life are fervent: prolonged time of prayer and listening organized every month for the religious, formative moments in the most intense liturgical times of the year, liturgical animation and care of the environment to promote silence and recollection.

    Since September 2018, it has also become a training house in which the new seat of the novitiate of our religious family is Located.

    Speculum Iustitiae - Madonnella di S. Marco


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