Vas Insigne Devotionis

  • Siracusa (SR)
  • Italian Delegation

  • Vessel of Devotion

    The Community is inserted in a simple context, where people with full of respect, affection, esteem and assurance are attentive to the needs of the Sisters. The presence is underlined by the activities aimed at the liturgical - pastoral aspect with the animation of the Eucharistic Center, the animation of various meetings: Catechesis, Ministers of the Communion, participation in the Caritas Listening Center.

    The Bishop has entrusted us with the Animation of the Eucharistic Center that we have presented as follows:

    "In the heart of your city"

    In the rush of your days, in the chaos of your thousand occupations, have you ever felt the urge to stay a little 'in silence to find yourself? Have you ever had the desire for peace, to feel welcomed, listened to, loved?

    There is a place made just for you, "in the heart" of your city... enter and you will find a living Presence: JESUS, the Son of God, the one who rose from death gives us hope to live.

    The Community enjoys the Presence of the Fraternity of the "Lay Association of the Sons of the Church" who are engaged in the various activities carried out by the community: at the Parish mess, at the Prisons, in the Caritas Listening Center and in small works of charities.

    Vas Insigne Devotionis


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