Vas Spirituale

  • Piacenza (PC)
  • Italian Delegation

  • Spiritual vessel

    The community in Piacenza came into existence on 7 December 1970, as a response to the invitation of Bishop S. E. Mons. Enrico Manfredini. Since then it continues its work as an adoring presence in the Diocesan Eucharistic Center, in animation, in the care and custody of the Romanesque church of San Donnino, located in the center, at Largo Battisti. At the same time it dedicates to liturgical animation, pastoral collaboration with the Parish of St. Francis for catechesis, liturgy, for the care of liturgical furnishings and as extraordinary ministers of communion.

    We try to be attentive to the Church's journey and to ensure that every initiative is linked to the liturgical year, in the forms and ways that are deemed most appropriate from time to time. We share our specific charism of Daughters of the Church with priests or lay persons who are attracted by the spirituality that flows from it.

    Vas Spirituale


    • Via S. Donnino, 3/5
    • 29100
    • Nazione: Italy


    • Telephone: 0523 384992
    • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.