Vergine Annunciata

  • Roma (RM)
  • Italian Delegation

  • Virgin of the Annunciation

    When the Foundress dreamt of creating a "Village of the Madonna" she acquired with so much sacrifice a land near Ponte Galeria. In the early 90s the house was dedicated to the Madonna under the title of "Vergine Annunciata" that provides an adequate environment for the elderly and sick sisters.

    The elderly Sisters are the treasure of the Institute and like Moses on the mountain they support the whole Family with their prayer and suffering. With the gifts of wisdom and experience they nourish themselves mutually, but also make them available to those who visit them. The Sisters share in the great needs of the Church and accompany the parish, the diocese, the whole world with their affectionate prayer.

    Vergine Annunciata


    • Via della Magliana, 1240
    • 00148
    • Nazione: Italy


    • Telephone: 0039 06 65003019
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