Virgo Clemens

  • Trento (TN)
  • Italian Delegation

  • Virgin Most Merciful

    In 1948, our Mother Foundress M. Oliva Bonaldo asked the Patriarch of Venice, Adeodato Piazza -where the nascent Institute was of diocesan right- to open a house of the Daughters of the Church in Trento for Eucharistic adoration and the social apostolate. The Patriarch accepted the request and advised Mother Oliva to address the request to the Bishop. Thus in 1949, the Daughters of the Church were welcomed by the Archbishop of Trento, Mons. Carlo Ferrari to animate the Eucharistic Adoration in the Church of the Most Holy, located in Corso III Novembre, and built precisely for this purpose.

    To the community, the Bishop offered as a residence a small room adjacent to the church to facilitate access to the sacristy and church. The sisters were entrusted with the decoration of the church and the animation of Eucharistic adoration, supported also by the seminarians, who resided in the Seminary next to the church, and a group of lay faithful engaged in this apostolate.

     In 1964 the church of the Santissimo was erected in Parrocchia where the sisters were inserted in the parish apostolate of catechesis and liturgical animation.

    Since the 1970s, the community opened up to new activities: like the presence in the Diocesan Pastoral Center: in the sector of vocation promotion, mission and teaching religion in the school.

    In August 1983, at the desire of Archbishop Alessandro Maria Gottardi, Eucharistic adoration was transferred to the church of Santa Chiara, in Via Santa Croce, near the parish. It is a Church that facilitates more the recollection, located in a place accessible to the people who stop every day before the Eucharist.

    The Curia has offered the community the residence on the third floor of an adjacent building that communicates with the church and makes it easier to access and monitor it, so the community has moved to Via Santa Croce, almost opposite to the parish. Today, the Sisters sustain and animate Eucharistic adoration and daily liturgical celebrations and visit the sick as extraordinary ministers of communion.

    Virgo Clemens


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