Virgo Potens

  • Milano (MI)
  • Italian Delegation

  • Virgin most powerful

    In 1954, Cardinal Schuster invited Mother M. Oliva Bonaldo to open a second community in Milan with more suitable spaces to welcome many young people who, attracted by the beauty of the Charism, undertook to witness joyfully the beauty of the Gospel on the paths of life.

    From 1954- 1974, the young Sisters were engaged in bringing the Word of Life into families, making the teachings of the Mother Church known through church’s documents. Some sisters would visit sick and elderly people in the parish community of S. Maria Beltrade.

    From 1957 to 1965 the community also housed preadolescent girls who longed to embrace the Religious Life in the "Apostolic School".

    Later (1975) the house became a formation and study center for young religious of various nationalities.

    Since 1980 responding to the current needs of the parish, some sisters are engaged in liturgical animation, in catechesis and in the animation of the boys in the oratory.

    With a group of people attracted by the Charism, the fraternity of the "Lay Association of the Daughters of the Church" is born, which in various ways flank the community.

    From 1997 to the present day, the community is attentive to the requests-necessities of the local Church like providing a familiar and serene environment to young university students and then to welcome some of our brothers and sisters, who tried by the disease and the many consequences linked to it, are looking for a place where the fraternal welcome can dilute the inconveniences of distance and the listening that comforts and instills hope!

    Needs change, but the human heart is always in search of love, of true meanings to be given to existence, especially in the darkest moments. With our presence, simple and poor, we would like to be able to say to everyone, in the words of our Foundress: "IF I DO NOT LOVE MEN, I DO NOT TALK"... and GOD EXISTS AND IS ALL LOVE!

    Virgo Potens


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    • Nazione: Italy


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